Rates and Locations

Wakedrifter Watersports gives Rides, Instruction and Books Parties on-site, at your residence, campground, and various local resorts within Woman Lake/Longville, Twin Cities, Duluth, Brainerd, Walker and Northland areas.

Wakedrifter Watersports’ mobility is perhaps our best feature: We come to you. We offer Instruction and Rides at various Resorts and Campgrounds, along with on-site service right at your location.

  • Woman Lake - Longville, MN
  • Twin Cities, MN
  • Walker and Brainerd, MN areas
  • Duluth and the Northland Areas
    - Including Fish Lake, Island Lake, Pike Lake, Sturgeon Lake and many others.

See our Service Map

Call (218)260-9373 for details and to set up your time on the water.

Rates for Instructions & Rides:


Block Sessions

Camp Sessions up to 4 people

Tubing / Non-instructional rides

Location Fee

Special Party Rates upon request

Feel free to send us an email at letsride@wakedrifterwatersports.com